I’m just a little bit behind… OK two months behind!

June 4, 2009

Since the last 2 months we’ve had a lot of good, bad and just plain sad. I know a lot of you may know that Mike’s dad recently passed away and if you did not get the pleasure to meet him than you really missed out. There are many wonderful memories about him and he will be greatly missed. Needless to say we were traveling back and forth so that Kaylee and Michael (Mike’s dad) could spend some time together and of course so we could do the same. During the time in Colorado we also saw many other family members which was very nice also.


Easter was spent in Evergreen, CO and the last day we spent with Michael. The day of Easter we went to Mass and spent the day surrounding Michael with family and friends telling stories and reading versus to him. 

Mike and Kaylee looked especially cute, both matching and wearing pink 🙂



DSC00515This picture cracks me up! It looks as though Kaylee’s cousin Evan is about to slug her, but Kaylee’s about to block it! Plus cousin Cary thinks it’s way funny also! 



I love the Zoolander Pose… see pose below 🙂








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