Kaylee’s One!

August 25, 2009

On August 8th we celebrated Kaylee’s 1st birthday at our house with many friends. Note to self: next year will be a lot smaller! It was a bit overwhelming for little Miss Kaylee,  but she did have a very good time. We had many activities from water balloons,   slip and slide, decorating flower pots and of course enjoying each other.   

   _MG_1890         _MG_1897                

_MG_1875           _MG_1889

            _MG_1899                 _MG_2114

As you can tell Kaylee had a wardrobe change…. just to many cute outfits for our cute little girl! As you can tell mommy had a wardrobe change also! 


       _MG_2013    _MG_2017

               Maya and Kaylee                                 Rhiley and Kaylee


Wendy, Allison and Kaylee

_MG_2068             _MG_2079

As you can tell Kaylee seemed very excited about the cake and I was a bit excited about a messy baby. But in the end Kaylee hated having messy fingers and especially having about 20 “strangers” watching her in all her fun. Oh well maybe next year will hopefully be messier! 

_MG_2014         _MG_2124

These are a few of my favorite pictures from her party. She’s has some of the best expressions, I could add at least 5 more great ones!


Last but not least I had to get a pic of some of the girls!


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